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Massage brings balance and healing to the body by restoring the physical body while connecting the consciousness of the mind to the healing process.

My client's return rate is excellent. I offer discounted packages that can be used by family members and office staff. It's an incentive for them to continue the therapy year after year.

Techniques Designed for Relaxation

Age 70+ Massages

A lifetime of habitual movement patterns, health problems, and maybe even old injuries can take its toll on us. We start to have greater discomfort removing clothing, turning our necks while driving, and sitting for long periods of time.


The massage can be given in almost any setting including the client’s home, a hospital, or a care facility.  The massage can take place on a massage table, wheelchair, or a patient’s bed.


Down the road, as some greater infirmities like arthritis and dementia present themselves, the way will have been paved for massage to be a soothing resource. And if the time comes, massage has its place in hospice care for both patients and stressed-out families.


We cannot turn back the clock but we can slow it down a little by significantly improving the quality of life. Give the gift of massage now and watch the dividends pay off for your whole family when it counts the most. Doctor’s approval is recommended.


Some age-related conditions that are helped by massage:

• Muscular stiffness
• Arthritis
• Skin discoloration
• Respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema.


Often, the simple pleasure of human touch is invaluable in its ability to create body awareness. The overall sense of well-being often motivates seniors to improve other aspects of their lives – including diet, exercise, and general health care.



  • Phlebitis / Thrombosis

  • Open sores / rashes